We’re Making BIG Progress on Our New Album!

Hello, friends…wanted to update you on a few things. First off, we just finished some great sessions out at Wall Of Sound Studio…we’re almost done recording our first full-length record and we’re quite excited about it! It will be out this summer and we hope to share something from it in the next couple of months. Special thanks to Steve Brittenham for joining us and for laying down some magic!

Second, if you’ve been paying attention lately you know that we’ve been teasing our first video…well, we’re thrilled to announce that we have a release date…April 5, 2014! Can’t wait to share it with you…less than two weeks away!

Finally, an update on our next show…Sunday, April 13…9:30 p.m….at Sidewinder’s in Albuquerque. Join us for a most unique evening…special guests joining us…and it’s free!

Thanks for tuning in…more coming soon! Stylized photo courtesy of Jon Hamilton.

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