The New Mexico Music Awards Rocked

A hearty round of applause to Jose and Kathy Ponce for putting together a stellar event…the New Mexico Music Awards were a blast and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Congrats to Man No Sober for winning the Best Rock CD award, and to Man Full Of Holes for winning a number of categories…you guys deserved it! Was great to meet so many friendly people, including the guys from The Lymbs…we’re stoked to do a show with you guys! Props to everyone who was nominated…I’m sure you feel as honored as we do. A final thank you to John Wall, Jason Blum and Steve Brittenham for playing major roles in our project…you guys are the best. Loved meeting Mrs. Wall as well…great catch, John…cheers to you all!

Photo: Here’s the band at the New Mexico Music Awards with the mighty John Wall. Photo courtesy of Jon Hamilton.

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