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A grateful toast to Keith Ham of Direnotes for the solid review of Ok To Burn…and to Charley’s 33’s and CDs for making it possible! Nice way to start a Monday…thanks mucho!!!

REVIEW: Duke City Riots – OK to Burn EP

Band: Duke City Riots
Album: OK to Burn
Genre: Experimental Rock
Albuquerque, New Mexico

My wife happens to reside in the mountainous city of Albuquerque in New Mexico (a.k.a. Not Quite Real Mexico But Getting There). So, naturally when I’m somewhere completely unknown and unbelievably temperate – I gravitate towards places familiar.  It took me a while but I managed to find a rather good record store not too far from where she’s at. And here I find DUKE CITY RIOTS ‘OK to Burn‘ sitting there with ‘FREE’ written on its shrink wrap. To say the least, I was confused and expecting something entirely awful to be given out free. I mean, I’ve heard some unbelievably bad bands at least sell their CD’s for a few bucks with moderate success – why was this free? Answer is: I have no idea.

You see, DUKE CITY RIOTS is not even close to bad. Granted, I’m not expert in the realm of rock or that particular scene but as someone who delves into a genre where people scream and yell for a hobby – I have to say that ‘OK to Burn‘ provided the break I needed with a sufficient irony in its lyrics to feed my relentless cynicism. Also, these guys really know what they are going for and don’t really bother to bombard you with over-the-top technicality or anything – the simplicity really shines here. There is a sort of Rockabilly sensibility to this EP as well, so expect some really decent anthem’s to come out of ‘OK to Burn‘ – especially with the song ‘Monagability (Women on the Beach)‘ which even the band seems to know is the main highlight of this EP.

DUKE CITY RIOTS is for those who crave something new in the tired little niche they call Rock (real rock, not Pop-rock). You aren’t going to get solo’s and you aren’t going to get anything overtly over the top but you’ll get something incredibly fun with ‘OK to Burn‘. And, personally, this shouldn’t have been free – I’m almost ashamed to have not supported these guys with a purchase! Stuff like this belongs on the shelf.


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